THOE Twist & Shout Bag (Medium) - Howzit Shaka

THOE Twist & Shout Bag (Medium) - Howzit Shaka


I mean, we’re from Hawaii, so SHAKAS UP! We wanted the infamous “hang loose” symbol to come to life by adding an adorable face and brows. Once we did, we gasped. OMG, SO CUTE right?? Stay tuned to see what else we have coming out in this shaka motif. Fun fact? This design started with a white background but we changed to navy to pop the shaka more. Plus, we all agreed that navy bags barely exist. Why why why?


Please allow 7 days for orders to be pulled, packed and delivered/shipped. All sales final but totally awesome. An Eden in Love exclusive.


Dimensions: 20.25"W x 25.5" H
Ripstop Nylon, folds into an internal pocket.

It all started with the plastic bag ban. I mean, let’s be honest, how many of you went to Target or Safeway and got stock piled with plastic bags to use for lunch and trash liners? OK, we hear you!

So we took these designs to our friends at NYNOW, the world’s largest trade show and begged them pretty please print these on bags! We wanted foldable bags that would fit in sling bags, strollers and the miniest car pockets. We needed these totes to be cute yet functional. Too big = too heavy. Short handles = unnecessary workout. The design, structure and fabrication had to meet all Eden standards and BOOM, they did.

And on that sunny day in September when we opened the UPS box of first round prototypes, we literally stopped, dropped, and SCREAMED. Fun fact? Our initial order was for 150 small bags and 300 medium. After seeing these IRL, we up’d to 1000 of each. Bryson started to panick since that’s well….. A LOT OF CA$H TO $PEND ON BAGS. LOL! But so worth it. These are our new favorite omiage, stocking stuffers, grab n go, impulse buy, gotta give a friend gift for the season.

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