Allison Dress

Allison Dress


Over the 10+ years of shopping with Everly, there’s been inspiration, gorgeous pieces, lottttts of KBBQ and a lifelong friendship with Owners, Adri+Fabe. And in those 10 year of boxes and boxes of merchandise, we found three solid bodies that we love. We swooned over them, customized them and perfected the fit with you in mind. Effortless, easy to care and made for the sophisticated woman, our exclusive collaboration highlights all of your best features, ALL. THE. TIME.

For work, for play, for travel or everyday… they were made for you, for us, for real life women of all sizes and shapes. 

Our Allison Dress is the epitome of stylish comfort. We gave this fit a little more wiggle room so you can carry on with your daily routine without fussing with its length or tugging at any waistband. And bonus? It’s got pockets!

Model is wearing a size X-Small. Available in size XS-XL.


All sales final but totally awesome! Please allow 7-10 business days for all orders to be packed and shipped to you. 

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