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We're thrilled you landed on our page, and hope you stay for a while... 

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What brought you to our website? 1) A cool promotion? 2) A quick visit to one of our boutiques left you wanting more? Or 3) To read more about us? I mean, how can a boutique REALLY be born to give, right? 

Well, we really hope you came here because of #2, but lingered because of #1, and we’re secretly (not-so-secretly) hoping you came here for #3. Just like you, we’re still in awe every single day that we can do what we love, with the people we love, in a place we love, being surrounded by love.

Hokey but true… welcome to Eden in Love!


So how did we get started?

Eden in Love was born in 2007 by husband and wife team Tanna and Bryson Dang. They went from owning and operating a wedding resource center called The Wedding Cafe, to stemming off into a boutique that serviced their loyal clientele - brides! They quickly realized that brides were shoppers, and shoppers were brides. And hey, shoppers are shoppers! Eden in Love followed the concept of their original wedding business to stand out in service, create really out-of-the-box events and promotions and to use their platform, whether it was weddings or retail, to speak on behalf of things that mattered to them.


Since Eden in Love was born, we’ve done some really incredible things as a company. We’ve partnered with over 50 local and national non-profits giving back through retail, we created a “Gifts That Give” campaign that tied local designers with charities of their choice, we styled teenagers from the Oncology Department at Kapiolani Medical Center and taught retail skills to the young adults at Easter Seals of Hawaii. Our most notable give back project was adopting a village in Sri Lanka from 2012-2017 through Global Hope Network. You can read more about our giving here.

Being a boutique born to give, we high-five and stand up for people who share our brand commitments to:


In a nutshell, we live our best lives when we help women look good, feel good and do good.
It’s our purpose, our sounding board... our thing!

And over the years, we discovered that it’s YOUR thing too. So many women (and men!) have come to Eden in Love boutiques, online or through social media to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We all shop, of course! But we all have the right to make the best consumer decisions for ourselves and our families.

We’d love to personally invite you to visit one of our boutiques to experience the warmth, service and kindness we hope to share with the world. Heads up! Bring your wallets, you’re gonna find stylish, OMG clothing pieces, the cutest accessories and “I-need-it” home decor. Just sayin’!

That’s us!

On the surface, we’re a boutique that sells cute clothing, amazing accessories and the best smelling candles. But beyond that, Eden in Love is our stage to speak to the world about the causes that matter to us. You may hear it when you walk into a boutique, or in a post on Instagram, on our shoppers or in an email blast. Or best of all, you may see it live on our philanthropy walls when you visit us in person! Snap a photo, post it up and join our movement to let retail help us be the ALOHA we wish to see in the world. 


Tanna, Bryson and all of us at Eden in Love